The simplest form of printmaking. A basic stamp. A blank surface. Some ink/paint.

    I saw this post in the DIY archives of Design Sponge while looking for some ideas for curtains. These are the perfect printmaker curtains! 

    All you need is a triangle (or any shape) wood block, some fabric, some paint, and some space to work.

    From Design Sponge:


    1. Find a space large enough to fit your entire sheet spread out on the floor.

    2. Lay your plastic tarp down, trying to avoid wrinkles. This is very important. Interior paint tends to bleed through fabrics, so unless you want your floor covered in paint splotches, a plastic tarp is highly recommended.

    3. Lay your sheet down on top of the plastic tarp. Stretch it out to its full width, avoiding wrinkles, and pin each corner down to hold it in place.

    4. Open your can of paint and pour a small amount into your dish. Slowly tilt the dish around so the paint spreads evenly across its surface.

    5. Dip the surface of your triangular block (or the shape/object of your choice) into the paint on your dish, trying to keep the entire surface as even as possible.

    6. Beginning at the top left corner, print your object from left to right. If you print the object with a light touch, you should be able to get 2 to 3 prints before needing to reapply paint.

    7. If you’re printing a triangle like we did, we advise lining up the corners of the triangles so they’re touching as you progress from left to right. On the next line, start your printing slightly to the right so that the top side of your triangle is located between two triangle points from the line above.

    8. Continue until your entire sheet is filled with your pattern.

    9. Leave out until completely dry.


    See the original post on Design Sponge here.


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